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Recent Blog Posts

Surprising Benefits Of Bingo

Bingo is one of those games that have been played for ages. The game has a history of more than three hundred years. Even though many people consider it as a form of gambling, it is mainly played for entertainment purposes.

There is this one fact about the game that will really blow your mind away. This fact has the capability to change your whole perspective about bingo. The fact is, besides entertainment, there are a lot of benefits of playing bingo. In this article, we shall discuss the various benefits of playing bingo.

Mental stimulation


We all know for a fact that playing bingo requires a lot of concentration. It is mandatory to put your entire concentration on the game. It is a game with a high phase, and hence the players need to act very swiftly. It demands the players to remember the numbers and also becomes very difficult when the player plays with more number of cards. Playing bingo preserves short term memory and concentration skill which tend to decline with age. It also has a lot of positive impacts on reflexes, eye coordination and a lot more. This is because the exact skills are used while the players need to place the bingo cards on the right combination quickly.

Better emotional and physical health

If you think that bingo is all about mental health and nothing more, well it is time to think again. It has a lot of positive impacts on emotion and also your on physical health. We all know that whether we win or lose in a bingo game, there are two things for sure that will happen. They are laughing and having fun. When we laugh, our body releases a strong dose endorphin which is feel-good chemical. This gives a sense of ease and an overall well being. Generally, people say that laughter relieves stress. But wholesome laughter is more than just a stress buster. It also improves the immune system.

Bingo for seniors


Bingo is one of the easiest ways for seniors to maintain the social connection and stay in touch with a lot of people. People, especially seniors who are active in their social group tend to enjoy better health and live happy lives. By constantly indulging in these types of games they totally eliminate the things like loneliness, depression and low blood pressure.

In a few instances, bingo is used to treat mental conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  It has a lot of positive impacts by improving the cognition and memory capacity. Actually, elders who are suffering from memory loss, if they start to play bingo at the earlier stages of the disease, it seems to have a lot of positive impacts.

While elders are playing, a lot of things can be changed to make the game more interesting and exciting. Rather than number more graphics can be used, this will make the game easier for them to play. Make sure that everything is printed in large sizes so that they can identify anything easily.