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Word & Picture Bingo Card Maker | Purchase
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Make Beautiful Custom Printable Bingo Cards in Minutes
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30-day money back guarantee



Five Stars Award From FileBuzz to InstantBingoCard
Five stars award from FileBuzz to InstantBingoCard


Did You Know?

Generic terms or Common terms for InstantBingoCard are bingo card maker, bingo card creator, bingo card generator, bingo card designer, bingo card builder, and bingo card printer.

A complete set of bingo cards is also known as bingo set, bingo bundle, or bingo book.

A piece of paper containing one or more bingo cards is also known as bingo sheet or bingo flyer.

A bingo card is also known as bingo board, bingo ticket, or bingo slip.



How to Purchase InstantBingoCard?

Word & Picture Bingo Card Maker | Buy Now!

You can purchase our word and picture bingo card maker by clicking the above link button.

By the way we have a very special offer right now and that is for only US$34.95 / license key ¹ you will also receive one year of free upgrades. This special offer won't last forever so what are you waiting for hurry buy now! And if you're not satisfied with your purchase just let us know within the next 30 days and we will refund all your money back (30-day money back guarantee).

1. One license is valid for one user on one computer only, for two users or two computers you need to buy two licenses, for more information about this you can read it in our 'License Agreement' page.

InstantBingoCard runs on Windows 7 InstantBingoCard runs on Windows Vista InstantBingoCard runs on Windows XP
Runs on Windows 7 Runs on Windows Vista Runs on Windows XP


Do You Offer Volume Discount?

Yes, we offer a volume or quantity discount so if you purchase more than one license key you will automatically get a discount. Please take a look at our discount list below.

No. Quantity (License Key) Discount
1 1 N/A
2 2 - 3 5%
3 4 - 6 10%
4 7 - 10 15%
5 > 10 20%


Do You Accept Payment in Other Currencies?

Yes, we also accept payment in other currencies beside US Dollar. Please take a look at our accepted currency list below.

No. Accepted Currency
1 Australian Dollar
2 Canadian Dollar
3 Euro
4 Great Britain Pound
5 Japanese Yen


Why Choose InstantBingoCard? What are the Benefits?

Here are the benefits of using our word and picture bingo card maker:

  • Make your own beautiful custom printable bingo cards for any subjects (topics).
  • Make word and picture bingo cards, word bingo cards, or picture bingo cards.
  • Make custom bingo cards either in US Style format or in UK style format.
  • Free premade documents and templates which we regularly update.
  • Fully personalize or customize your bingo cards appearance.
  • Save your money!
  • Save your time!
  • Save your paper!
  • Save your ink or toner!
  • Try before you buy and 30 day money back guarantee.

You can learn more about these benefits in our 'Learn More' page.


What Payment Gateway are You Using?

We're continuously trying to give our customers the best internet shopping experience here at InstantBingoCard.com and for that reason we're using FastSpring® a payment gateway solution that is focusing itself on software applications.

Word & Picture Bingo Card Maker | Buy Now!


What is the Delivery Mechanism?

After you completed the purchase process, we will instantly send you three email messages containing your purchase receipt, your license key(s), and your customer care account. You should receive those email messages within a few minutes.

What about backup disc? We're very sorry but that option isn't available right now.

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